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Actual members of the MAV2007 team

The development of a complete autopilot system is extremely complex and involves a lot of effort and commitment. The actual MAV2007 team is made up of 8 undergraduate engineering students from the Université de Sherbrooke, who are each completing the final year of their Bachelor’s studies, with an equal number of members in electrical as well as computer engineering. We are all highly motivated to work on this large scale project.

Équipe MAV AutoPilot 2007
The MAV AutoPilot 2007 team. From left to right:
André-Claude Gendron, Normand Bédard, Richard Allaire,
Nicolas Fontaine, Julien Grillon-Labelle, Élise Richard Bédard,
Pierre-Étienne Messier et Frédérick Gagné.

Name Tasks E-mail
Richard Allaire
Normand Bédard
Nicolas Fontaine
Frédérick Gagné
André-Claude Gendron
Julien Grillon-Labelle
Pierre-Étienne Messier
Élise Richard Bédard

MAV2006 team members

The following persons did work on the MAV AutoPilot project during the year 2006: